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About Us...

Our Story

The Coffee Pot - Bude

The Coffee Pot Bude was established in the 1990's and has been a go to place for great coffee and fine food since then! 

Over the last few years we've been taken back just on how much our coffee and food is admired. One of the key comments we always have is in regards to our homemade scones and cakes. 

We always update the menu and source great ingredients to create and design out delicious dishes. 

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The Coffee Pot - Launceston

The Coffee Pot Launceston was opened in the 1980's and has had a great reputation since then. ​

We've updated the décor and modernised a few things to ensure we're current and able to offer some great food and coffee to Launceston.


We're also working to bring all the old recipes that have been enjoyed for many years, back to life! So watch out for our daily specials

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The Coffee Pot - Online

The Coffee Pot - Online was created during lockdown as a way of delivering those special coffee pot treats in a difficult time. Since then, our website has grown from strength to strength and sends out hundreds of boxes all over the UK each month.

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The Coffee Pot -Events

The Coffee Pot - Events was created a few months ago and specialises in catering for local events and food markets. We have more to come with this over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled for the most latest and upcoming events. If you're looking to use us, then please contact us on the details within this website

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